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Is Halal meat Cruel or best Humane way of Slaughtering Animal

The debate of what constitutes Halal (permissible), and Haram (forbidden) meat goes on. Some Islamic ulama (scholars) claim it is fine to eat meat from your neighborhood market, if it is not pork and if before it is eaten the name of Allah is pronounced over it. Other scholars say that meat from the “People […]

Halal Awareness Questionnaire

The Halal slaughter of Animals was conceived about the Historic Principle of Islam, it had been among the very humane techniques available. Yet now the RSPCA states that, compared to methods which Involve stunning the creature ahead, it can result in unnecessary suffering, distress, and pain. What exactly does Halal mean? Halal is the Arabic […]

Brief about Halal

What is Halal? Halal is an Arabic word meaning legitimate or allowed. Concerning food, it is the dietary norm, as endorsed in the Qur’an (the Muslim sacred writing). Something contrary to Halal is Haram, which implies unlawful or denied. Halal and Haram are all inclusive terms that apply to all features of life. These terms […]

What is the difference between Halal meat and regular meat

Everybody has caught wind of halal meat and likely observed an inexpensive food or butchery at the edge of the road commercializing it. Possibly you have generally asked yourself what halal meat is indeed, yet never got the opportunity to discover or taste it. Honestly, there is no incredible distinction of taste in contrast with […]

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